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Dua for Protection From Evil and Black Magic

Dua for Protection From Evil and Black Magic

Dua for Protection From Evil and Black Magic

Black magic is among the most dangerous forms of necromancy. It was used by the hands of some powerful ancient people with an ardent belief in this. However, in the present-day black magic is utilized to deceive innocent people or to cause harm to others. If you’re suffering from the influence of black magic and its power it is recommended to perform the dua for protection from black magic.

The dua for protection from the black magic is a special remedy that helps people in preventing the effects of black magic. A person who is flourishing in their personal or professional life always has a fear of getting affected by evil eyes. The people who are jealous in nature often go to the lowest extent to harm others who are succeeding in life. When something bad happens in life then too, people begin to think that they are affected by black magic. To get rid of this doubt, dua to remove black magic is highly helpful. If you want to know how to get away from black magic, then you must begin to recite dua for protection from the evil eye and black magic.

Best Dua To Remove Black Magic

If you know how to find black magic effects in Islam, then you must learn what the best dua to remove black magic is. If you have found out any person around you or your home has been affected by black magic, you can destroy that black magic.

The best dua to remove black magic is the dua to destroy black magic from where it came from. This dua not only destroys black magic and its effects but also affects the person who wants ill of you and your family. The person who performed black magic to ruin your happiness will get punished by Allah in the most brutal way.

Perform the process written below to destroy black magic as per Islam.

  • Make wudu and make a fresh ablution before reciting the dua. Read Darood Shareef thrice to begin the ritual.
  • Chant the verse written below by 100 times per day. After completing the chant blow on the person who is suffering from the bad effect of black magic.

Qulnaa Laa Takhaf Innakaa Antal A’laa Waa Alqi Maa Fee Yamee Nika Talqaf Maa Sana’oo; Innamaa Sana’oo Kaidu Saahir; Waa La Yuflihus Saahiruu Haisu Attaa

  • You should Recite this verse for 11 days without any break
  • Then, recite the Durood Shareef by 3 times again.

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