Faqeer or Hijray se sabaq Seekhien – Learn a lesson Urdu Story

 Faqeer or Hijray se sabaq Seekhien

Shaykh-ul-Wazaif Hazrat Hakim Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Majzoubi Chughtai Damat Barakatham I am impressed by two servants, one from the poor, the other from the hijra. How many slaves push the poor away? Does he give up begging and his profession? And the transgender woman changed her form, the Lord made her a man, she became a woman, she changed her natural form, the whole world looked at her with satire, people objected, criticized, mocked, but she changed her form. He does not feel ashamed to change. And if we have adopted the teachings of the Holy Prophet, we have adorned our face with Sunnah and we have followed the path of Ishq-e-Mustafa. The trick is done and if we deviate from these paths in panic and frustration, then such behavior is a moment of reflection for us. (Excerpt from Tales of Spirituality and Faith)

Faqeer or Hijray se sabaq Seekhien – Urdu Story

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