Finally, the first fully functional foldable iPhone is now readily available.

Finally, the first fully functional foldable iPhone is now readily available.

Chinese engineer eagerly awaited the release of Apple’s foldable iPhone. The inventive engineer converted the standard iPhone into a foldable iPhone by using the hinge from the Motorola 2020 Razr. The inventive iPhones, however, that we have never seen come from Apple. A Chinese engineer has now succeeded where a robotics student before him had failed to create the first USB-C iPhone. Despite the fact that the foldable iPhone has nothing to do with Apple, it is his invention.

The Chinese could not bear to wait and created their own foldable iPhone even though Apple was set to release its own version. The iPhone 13 Pro is necessary for the foldable smartphone. The “iPhone V” is the name of the foldable iPhone.The Chinese developer claimed that in order to create something fresh, he looked at the designs of the Moto RAZR and Galaxy Z flip phones. But it was a difficult process, and it took a long time to produce something new. Before completion, nearly a year of reverse engineering, arduous work, and several instances of trial and error were required.

Fully operational


All iPhone features are available on the foldable iPhone. The device comes in two sections with all of its parts. The battery and camera are at the top, while the chip and memory are at the bottom. Some of the parts needed to be 3D printed as well.

The introduction of the foldable iPhone took around a year since the process was difficult. All of the intelligent features, including Face ID, cameras, speakers, true tone, etc., are working.

The foldable iPhone combines an iPhone X’s flexible OLED display with the glass cover and touch layer removed. The procedure needed sophisticated equipment, deft handling, and numerous trials before it was successful. During the tests, the engineer used about 37 X displays. In addition to this, the project needed a few Motorola Razr phones. Later, the phones were used to clear space for the internals of the iPhone X.

In addition, the engineer designed the phone’s motherboard and 3D components. Due to space limitations, the process was not simpler and required several concessions. The final battery size for the phone was a meagre 1,000 mAH. However, neither wireless charging nor Magsafe are available.

The gadget has a number of contemporary features, including face unlock, 5G, and others. To make iOS function better, the gadget made numerous software adjustments. It also included mods that have been jailbroken. Last but not least, the gadget supported split-screen apps on both folding screens.

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