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Hajr e Aswad history in urdu in 1 Official source

hajr e aswad history in urdu is the most searched story on internet right now. Black holy stone (Hajr E Aswad) is placed inside Kaaba which is kissed by pilgrims. This is fixed on the southeast wall of holy Kaaba near the footprints of Hazrat Adam. This stone is almost 7 inches wide. If looked closely it seems to be divided into 12 small pieces which are bonded by some kind of glue.

It is possible that it could have broken into pieces which were later joined together. It is difficult to figure out the nature of this stone as the surface of this stone has entirely changed and its color has also become muddy partly because it is too old now and partly because of the kisses of pilgrims. The search take you here where you find Hajr e aswad ka waqia in urdu.


Hajr e Aswad Story in Urdu


This stone is encircled with silver with gold mixed in it. Where did hajr e aswad come from? Complete details are not available about this. According to a tradition of ibn e Abbas, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that hajr e aswad came from heaven. At that time it was whiter than milk but sins of humans darkened it. Ehadnama Ateeq contains a story about a stone it is likely that it could be the same stone. There is an indication in Holy Zaboor that the stone which is negated by constructors has become the part of the corner. This is from GOD who is beyond our vision.

This negated stone is also mentioned in the bible. (It says that blessing of GOD would be taken from you and will be given to the nation which brings his fruits. One who will fell on that stone will be broken but the one over whom the stone falls will be crushed). Perhaps the same stone is being talked about here which is referred to as hajr e aswad.

At the time of first construction holy Kaaba, this stone was present there. In year 606 when Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was fifty years old, the building of Kaaba was damaged by the flood and Quraish constructed it again. When the wall was raised till the footprint of Hazrat Adam the problem of fixing the stone was there and quarrel between tribes started. Each tribe wanted to have the honor of placing this stone. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) figured out the solution to this problem and placed

Each tribe wanted to have the honor of placing this stone. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) figured out the solution to this problem and placed hajr e aswad in a sheet of cloth. Then he (PBUH) asked the leaders of tribes to raise the cloth holding it from the corners. When the cloth was raised to the height where the stone was supposed to be placed Holy prophet (PBUH) with his own hands placed hajr e aswad in the wall of holy Kaaba. Search and find info on Wikipedia about Hajr e Aswad history in urdu.

You can find about this in below given video as well as reading whole by other article listed on this search panel. As well as by Molana ilyas .

Hajr e Aswad history in urdu

hajr e aswad history in urdu

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