Instructions to earn 5-10 USD/day from GOOGLE ADSENSE – Anyone can do it

In this article, I will share specifically a Case Study made in mid-February, currently the revenue is quite good 5-10 USD/day, especially the month will have several jumps to 100-200 USD/day. These numbers are not much for Pro, but for AE Newbie will have great meaning.
Actually, anyone who is observant will see this method I have shared a few times in previous posts, it’s simple:
I will talk in detail about each step as well as the experience and thinking required in each step. This article will be accompanied by a Livestream to answer all your questions and questions, so don’t worry if there are many things you don’t understand.


If you have determined to make money, you must definitely  choose English and English-speaking countries  as the target market. Specifically here is the US market.
The reason is that English content has a 10-15 times higher RPM than Vietnamese. On average, 1000 Visits from Vietnam, you will get about 0.5 – 0.8 USD (average of both clicks and ad impressions), and with 1000 visits from the US, you will get about 10 – 15 USD.
As for the niche, I choose based on 2 criteria:
– Mass niche, wide, can pull a large amount of Traffic from Social
– The niche is easy to create Content, less involved in copyright issues
With the above 2 criteria, the niche I chose is the topic of “Dogs”. The market is the US. Language is English.
There are also some niches that I am also developing, which are topics about entertainment in general, animals in general, general news in general. And you, which topic will you choose?
At this point, you will have a feeling of faltering, right, what is American, then what is English.. listening to it is amazing, I am not good at English, how can I do it…
Don’t worry, that problem is simple to solve, just keep reading.


Platform for making Web:
1 Website used to make money, it must first be optimized for displaying ads. After many years of battle and experience,  the duo Source WordPress + Themes Newspaper  is still my number 1 choice.
For those of you who have experience in the field of Website design as well as Server configuration, it probably only takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to set up a complete Website to start working.
Those who do not know anything about Web installation, I suggest you 3 directions:
– Spend about a day on Youtube watching videos with the keyword “Install WordPress AZ”
– Spend 1-2 million to hire someone to do it for you
Using Google’s free Blogspot platform is always convenient.
Problem English Content for Web:
This must be the problem that stops many people from making money in MMO, but it’s really not that difficult.
As mentioned from the beginning, you determine to pull Traffic from Fanpage and say no to SEO, then go Copy content from other Websites. My example is a Dog Site, one day in the world there are hundreds of thousands of articles about dogs from West to East, just Copy a few Hot Trends, sensational, and then post it on the Web.
No one forces you to write an entire article in English by yourself, but even if you could write it, no one would have read it. Let’s solve the problem in a smart and simple way


It is often said that the modern Internet is divided into two halves, one half is Vietnam, the other half is the rest. Anything that sticks to Vietnam will only go from broken to that. Google Adsense is no exception. Currently in Vietnam, Vietnamese websites that register for GG Adsense will not be approved 90% of the time.
But I make money in the US with an English site, right now it’s a different story. It’s very simple to register Adsense for English site. I will show you 1 method to be able to successfully register GG Adsense with a new Website, completely new Domain, it will take about 2 weeks to be approved.
– After completing the Website, you need at least 10-15 Unique articles (not Copy) in English
The site must have the following additional pages (required): About Us, Contact, Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.
– Website must have continuous traffic since registration for Adsense review, not much, just 10-50 Visit/Day is okay.
For bullet points 1 and 2, you go to Fiverr and hire people to do it for 15-20 USD (You don’t need to get tired of doing anything, still the old saying, don’t work hard, work hard) smart way)
The 3rd bullet point, you just post the link on the Fanpage and the Traffic will come back. Simple as that.


There are quite a few methods to build a Fanpage, the fastest way is… go buy it. But the problem is that in the current Vietnamese market, except for the method of buying from acquaintances, the remaining services of buying and selling Fanpage or finding on flea markets have too high a risk rate.
Moreover, no one is foolish enough to sell a “delicious” fanpage, it has to be “bad” to have to sell. Good products are of course still available, but they will probably never reach my hands.
Solve the problem as follows, create a Fanpage yourself and run ads to increase Likes for it.
I built my Dog Fanpage from zero and ran the page like entirely from Ads. If running Ads with video, the cost per like will be about 500-1000 VND/like. Running about 5 million is that you have a Fan Page of about 10k American users who are real people, genuine interactions, ready to make money.
If you don’t know anything about running Ads FB, hire someone to run it for you.
And if you don’t know anything about the Web, don’t know anything about Fanpage, don’t know anything about Ads, you also find it too difficult to learn, you only know how to watch Tik Tok and play Lien Quan but still want to make money, please MMO world bugs are not for you and are not welcoming to you either.
Of course, the more likes a Page has, the higher the chance to make more money, but for me, 1 Fanpage with about 10K likes is more than enough to enter the money war.
Don’t worry too much about the amount of money you have to spend, it only takes half a month and a month to earn it back. If you don’t want to join the game anymore, just go to the Affiliate Chat Group – MMO for sale Page, I guarantee the number of people who want to buy is more than the number of people who want to sell.


As mentioned in the Website, English Content, simply copy. If on the Website I copy the article, then on the Fanpage I copy the photos and videos.
Facebook has millions of Fan Page and Group about dogs, just go there and Copy. It’s as simple as that, no one forces you to Design each photo yourself, Render each Video to post on the Page.


Once you have a Fan Page and Website, the next thing is simply to post the link on the Fan Page and wait for the money to return. If you only post links on Fanpage, the reach rate is not high, for example, if Fanpage 10K likes, post reach reach 1k is a lot. However, at this time there is a new concept called ” suggestion “.
The concept of ” eating suggestions ” or English as ” facebook suggest post ” will change everything. Once the post contains the recommended link by Facebook, it can reach millions of people in just 1 day and bring you a huge amount of money.
Assuming there is no proposal, the amount of Traffic pulled is still enough for you to earn 5-10 USD a day. If you post about 5 Post Links a day, you should at least be able to get 2-300 Visit Website.
For more details about the “Recommendation”, the Affiliate Chat Group has already shared. You can go to the Noteworthy section to review, but again, it’s long and rambling.
In short, Link, you post about 4 5 articles a day, each post is 3 hours apart. As for Posting photos and Videos, just copy.
If you still can’t figure it out, just go to Facebook to search for Fan Pages with the same topic you are working on, they also do the same way as I said. From Asia to Europe, everyone makes money in the same way.