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Islamic Exorcism Of A Jinn Video



Islamic Exorcism Of A Jinn Video

A short vid showing an Exorcism being performed on a Woman in Indonesia May Allah keep her and all of us protected Ameen. Basically she has Jinn within her whose name is “Idrus” and he is not Muslim and and the other is “Izul” which is a Muslim and so the Individual is asking him to leave but before he does he asks him to become a Muslim which eventually he accepts Alhamdulillah. And then they explain he must not possess anyone else as this is oppression and that he must worship Allah which the Jinn agrees to.

The Video is a clip from a 13 min Vid which is in two parts as the woman had more than one Jinn within her. Some viewers may find this disturbing and so if you are faint of heart then I would say it would be sensible not to watch this, However there is no true might and power except it is all from Allah, So we fear None but him and in him we lay our trust.

Allah is sufficient for us and He is the Best Guardian.