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How to Make Money Online Through YouTube


Have you ever wondered why famous YouTube personalities treat their channels as a full-time job? Well, the answer is simple!

Recently, New York Times did a profile on Olga Kay, a famous YouTuber, and revealed she has been earning $100,000 – $130,000 from her YouTube Channel per year ( that’s $8.3k – 10.8k per month) for last three years.

How to Earn Online via YouTube

Here are simple rules:

• Make a YouTube Channel

• Make videos and upload to YouTube that will gather attention (read: viewers)

• You are going to make money (some pennies) for each video view (on average a dollar or two per 1,000 video views).

• YouTube provides opportunity for content producers to make money and to do that all you have to do is appeal to the viewers.

Below are few steps you need to make to start earning money from YouTube.

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel

• Sign into your YouTube Account (your Google account can be used for that) • Create a channel

Step 2: Enable Your Channel for Monetization

• Sign into your YouTube account.

• Select your account information from top right and select Creator Studio.

• From left menu, select Channel > Status and features.

• Enable Monetization (Note: The option won’t be available if the account is disable for monetization).

• Accept the agreement.

Step 3: Connect Your Channel To AdSense

After enabling monetization for your YouTube Channel, you need to associate an approved AdSense account with your YouTube account.

YouTube Analytics is used to keep track of the earning, which will only be paid if you comply with the YouTube payment threshold.

Step 4: Review Video Criteria and Ad Formats

For you to get paid, it is an absolute necessity to meet two criteria:

1) Video Monetization Criteria

• Videos should be user friendly.

• The content should be your own to be promoted commercially.

• Copyrighted videos, or those that you copy from internet won’t work here.

• You are able to provide documentation for the video and audio content used in videos.

• Video should comply with Terms of Service and Community Guidelines which can be found here.

2) YouTube Advertising Formats

• Once monetized videos are enabled, several ads (see below for more information on type of ads) may appear next to your video.

Step 5: Monetize Videos with Ads

You are fully set up for the monetized videos with your AdSense account. You can now enable eligible videos to earn money from relevant ads.

You can follow the follow steps to monetize one or more videos:

• For one video only: Follow these steps. • For more than one video: Follow these instructions to monetize them.

Additional tips to earn money from YouTube can be found here.

Not to mention, it may take some time — up to few months — to get your first dollar. However, once you have good fan following, you can potentially make few thousand dollars a month.