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Maktub on Procrastination (Tasweef) Shaykh Mustafa Kamal

Shaykh Mustafa Kamal is authorised by Hazrat Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (db) in the science of tasawwuf (Islamic spirituality) to guide students on the Naqshbandi-Mujaddidi spiritual path.

After completing his initial education in Japan, Russia, Pakistan and Canada, Shaykh Mustafa studied Arabic and the sacred Islamic traditional sciences in the Middle East, earned a Bachelor’s from the International Islamic University Malaysia and a diploma in Advanced Arabic from the Institute of Languages, Qatar. In the United States, he undertook postgraduate studies in Western philosophy, jurisprudence and literature at St. John’s College, Maryland. Shaykh Mustafa studied the traditional Islamic sciences with ‘ulema in the Middle East and in Pakistan under the auspices of the Wifaq ul Madaris al-Arabia of Pakistan, earning formal authorizations in the traditional Islamic Sciences.

Shaykh Mustafa is the author of several books in English and Urdu and regularly travels to different countries to guide seekers on the spiritual path, deliver lectures and counsel people on how to live a spiritual life in the contemporary world.

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