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On the day of reckoning Your hands, feet, skin will bear witness against you




On the day of reckoning Your hands, feet, skin will bear witness against you

“when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them as to (all) their deeds.” (Surah Fussilat)

Before i go on to explain to you good people i would like to state that the events of the hereafter and what will happen and how it will happen, only Allah truly knows but the following explanation is just a theory and a view that maybe correct and it may not in the end only Allah truly knows and if he wants something to happen all he has to say is Be.

So looking at the above verse we see that our hearing sight and skin will testify against us, in other parts of the Quran the hands and feet are also mentioned.
For many years, scientists tried to discover secrets of memory and they studied the skin to explore the place of storing memory and information. They know there is a stored Genetic memory in human DNA, so what is the latest scientific results concerning the memory?

At the middle of 2007 the Neuroscience magazine had published a new scientific research. In that research scientists found that the cell contains some molecules which called CaMKII which is responsible for storing memories , when researchers attacked these molecules in mouse , so that his memory was erased immediately and when his memory became ready to store again it returned its ability . It can be likened to a hard disk in computers.

Most probably, this memory is in cells of all Organisms. Scientists believe that there is a memory for heart, for cells and memory for skin. The human skin consist of many layers and each layer contains cells which are able to store information for a long time. Today, scientists are Cloning mice from skin cells as these cells hold large amounts of memory. They found that skin cells in female store more information than skin cells in male.

Scientists confirm that there is a sound for skin but we don’t realize it!! When Qur’an descended, there wasn’t any kind of information about this recent discovery.

Now when it comes to DNA tape, scientists say that this complicated genetic tape transmit a continuous sound vibrations .so it has a language. This tape is inside all of our body, in eye cells, ear cells and in skin cells. Probably it stores information and later this information can be retrieved.

Deep, inside our skin cells there are records which are similar to computer records to keep information and events which happens around skin, it stores sounds related to these events. Dr. Clark Otli who supervised hundreds of skin implantations surgery says skin has a long memory, it never forgets.

So here we have it brief scientific explanation that theoretically can explain how skin feet hands eyes give witness then quite logically they have the information at hand safely stored to feed back all events from our birth but as usual only Allah knows best.