Pathaan Survives Day 10 With A Rs 13 Crore Second Friday

Pathaan Survives Day 10 With A Rs 13 Crore Second Friday

Pathaan Survives Day 10 With A Rs 13 Crore Second Friday

Pathaan earned Rs. 13 crore nett from its Hindi edition on its second Friday, a little decrease from Thursday. The dubbed versions in India grossed roughly 50 lakh rupees. Internationally, the film rose on Friday compared to Thursday, indicating a strong second weekend. Looking at the Friday number, the Hindi nett forecasts for the weekend in India stand at Rs. 60 crore. The dubbed versions of the film might bring in an additional Rs. 2 crores. Internationally, the picture is expected to gross roughly $8 million in its second weekend, bringing its total to a whopping $40 million.

Over the second weekend, Pathaan will cross the $100 million mark worldwide.

On Sunday, the picture will enter the $100 million club globally, a feat accomplished by only a few of films in their initial run. With enough momentum remaining, the picture will aim for a total gross of roughly 125 million dollars, which is remarkable given current exchange rates. Pathaan was the fourth most popular film in the world last week, trailing only two Chinese films, Full River Red and The Wandering Earth 2, and the American blockbuster Avatar: The Way Of Water. Standing tall in contrast to the world’s biggest films is an incredible achievement.


Day-wise net box office collections of Pathaan Movie:

Day 1 – Rs 55 cr

Day 2 – Rs. 68 cr

Day 3 – Rs. 38 cr

Day 4 – Rs. 51.50 cr

Day 5 – Rs. 58.50 cr

Day 6 – Rs. 25.50 cr

Day 7 – Rs. 21.50 cr

Day 8 – Rs. 17.50 cr

Day 9 – Rs. 15 cr

Day 10 – Rs. 13 cr

Total = Rs. 363.50 cr net Hindi (Rs. 377.10 cr net all )

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