Very good news for the people of pakistan according to govt is announced and is available for registration for general public with some easy steps. Digital Census Self-Enumeration Portal will be available from 20th February 2023 to 3rd March 2023.  Here are simple 5 steps for self enumeration using this portal.

Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan

First time in the history of pakistan it is now happening in all over the pakistan including our district jhang with the inauguration by the Deputy Commissioner of Jhang from Ayoub Chowk.

Self-Enumeration Portal Pakistan is Functional Now

Self Enumeration Portal

Keep it mind that this is the 7th census of pakistan and it is now digital census using internet with your laptop or smartphone at home. Whole setup is generated by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics of pakistan You can visit our Pakistan News Category for more news.

Visit this link for

Self-Enumeration Portal (www.pbs.self enumeration)

You can visit above official link of self for the self enumeration registration and future you can login to self pbs gov pk to complete your digital census for year 2023. Digital census self enumeration portal inaugurated by the DC Jhang Today.

Download app

Pbs officially also developed its app for the Android and Apple IOS Platform to make is easy to do it with you smartphone by registration and login again. Self enumeration portal is the same as desktop version and however today the staff of the is in the field for registration door to door.

Self-enumeration Portal 2023 Application form

Download PDF

Self-enumeration Portal 2023 Application form

How to Enumerate yourself on enumeration app

Self-enumeration Portal 2023

Below is the Video guide to get register on this portal.