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Here are guess papers for class 10th all papers are up to date and will help you get good marks in 2018 matric examinations for all boards . These are collections of all important questions. These guess papers are according to new pairing assessment number schemes 2018. Uploading …………

Mulk Mera Azadi Song From Singers of JHANG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_FASe1MDcs&feature=youtu.be Mulk Mera Azadi Song From Singers of JHANG Song : Mulk Mera Singers : Ali Ahsan , Uzair Shah , Daniyal Hassan Lyrics And Music : Ali Ahsan SNstudio Director : Syed Mazhar Zaidi Special Thanks to , Mudassir Chaila , Faisal , Bedaar , Mazhar Zaidi CHENAB COLLEGE JHANG. Here we have the video of Patriotic Song ” Mulk Mera ” By Aghaaz – The Band . Staring Ali Ahsan , Uzair Shah , Daniyal , with the great efforts and hardworking of DOP ” MAZHAR ZAIDI ” and Supported By His Team Hope you guys will like it , Love , Hit like and Share if you are having a true spirit of Patriotism. PAKISTAAAAAAAANN ZINDABAAAAAAAD♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ https://www.facebook.com/jhangtv/ More : https://jhangtv.com

Car Hit bike at Chenab College Chiniot Road Jhang 7 injured Total Victim =07 victim Names: 1-Faisal Abbas S/O Ahmad Baksh age 40 2-Zain S/O M.Ashrif age 15 3-Sabha W/O Faisal age 36 4-Farzana W/O Aftab ae 40 5-Ruksana W/O Ashrif age 17 6-Tehzeeb D/O Ashrif age 19 7-Aqeel S/O Jamal Age 40 Reason: Car hits a bike then collided with tree Bike par sawar victims .sulha bb age 36y faisal abbas 40y. Belong to shahjiwana. ( zain age 15 ya b car m sawar tha belong to jhang bazaar)

Accident BETWEEN Car and Camel Cart 2 dead 5 injured at Gojra Road Jhang Rescue 1122 Jhang Location: gojra road 5 mile Response Time: 06 mint Vehicles Responded:JNA03, 02, jr01, jr02, jna01 Victim : 5 Dead=02 Name :1. zeeshan s/o tasleem raza age. 16y 2. Sajjad Hussain s/o Ahmed nawaz age. 42y Shifted= 05 Name: 1- Naeem raza s/o ghulam Muhammad age. 28y 2. Tasleem raza s/o ghulam Muhammad age. 36y 3. Moheen din s/o shuja ul din asghar age. 25y Address: District. Bhakar Reason: car & camble cart Operation Status: completed Note: 2 dead bodies and 03 injured victims shifted to DHQ JHANG https://youtu.be/rbr6fGEVCcU