Users of Google Earth Discover an Alien in a Car’s Rear Seat

Users of Google Earth Discover an Alien in a Car’s Rear Seat

Users of Google Earth Discover an Alien in a Car's Rear Seat

Users of Google Earth Discover an Alien in a Car’s Rear Seat

The user used Google Maps to look for a local garage sale in her area but ended up finding an alien in a car instead.
A Google Earth user recently claimed that while using the software, she saw extraterrestrials seated in the back seat of the vehicle. An alien was lounging in the backseat of a car as the user Crystal Patterson was browsing through the app’s street view.

All she could see when she zoomed into the car for a better view was an alien-looking face sitting close to the back window.

Since the pictures of the car started appearing online, nearly everyone who views them has expressed concern about the creature sitting on the back seat. It’s not just Crystal, however.

The incident happened in the small community of Mapleton, Maine, in the United States. Mapleton locals are also debating the issue to some extent. On Google Earth, strange and eerie creatures and objects are commonly found. What we discover next can only be predicted.

Conspiracy theorists have been roused by the photograph, with some claiming that it proves the presence of alien life.

When looking for nearby garage sales using the Google Earth app, Crystal took a screenshot of this scene. According to reports, Crystal, a 45-year-old woman, observed an alien while using Google Street to locate a nearby garage that was for sale.

When Crystal first saw the vehicle, she said, “Can someone kindly explain what I’m looking at in the backseat? It was her.

The only reason I discovered this was because I was snooping around the property in the backdrop to find where a garage sale was being held. Crystal continued, “The driver looked naked, so I zoomed in out of curiosity and considered the distortion of the figure in the back.

Crystal and the locals think it was an alien because it is obvious from the image that the figure’s body and facial features don’t like those of a human.

In a comment on the image, a user wrote, “Oh My Goodness! How in the world did you see this?” Another person said, “Clearly an alien.” Of course, not everyone thought that it was an alien, and one user even made the joke that the enigmatic creature looked like “Mr. Potatohead.”

The Google Earth application is a geo browser that uses the Internet to retrieve satellite, aerial, topographic, and other geographic data to display the Earth as a three-dimensional globe.

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