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Zong Call Packages – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong Call Packages – Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Zong Daily Call Packages

Zong Student Bundle gives you 120 minutes of Zong for only $ 10. To activate this offer, you must dial * 3000 #. This offer is valid only from 10:00 to 18:00. After executing this package, you should only use it for 120 minutes for 2 hours, as it expires only 2 hours after the package is activated.

In addition, there are some other student groups that are better than the above. Zong Super Student package is offered at Rs. 05 minutes Zong without restrictions and 30MB internet. * Packages can be purchased by calling 5000 # codes. The package is not repeated and expires automatically for two hours.

NetworkPackagePrice (Inc. Tax)Zong MinutesSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Student Bundle OfferRs. 10/-120Available Time (10 PM – 6 PM)
Expire After 2 Hours
zong internet packagesZong Super StudentRs. 05/-Unlimited30Expire After 2 Hours*5000#
zong internet packagesZong Daily Voice OfferRs. 05/-2001 Day*45#
zong internet packagesZong Full Gup PackageRs. 05/-751003001 Day118*1#
zong internet packagesZong Sixer Plus PackageRs. 08/-Unlimited
(6 AM – 6 PM)
50001 Day*666#
zong internet packagesZong Non Stop BundleRs. 10/-Unlimited01 Day*777#
zong internet packagesZong Perfect PackageRs. 12/-100050040 (10 PM – 7 PM)01 Day*118*2#
zong internet packagesZong Flutter PackageRs. 12/-1201205001 Day*369#
zong internet packagesZong Hello 1 DinRs. 13/-12012050 (Till Midnight)01 Day*2200*1#
zong internet packagesZong Daily UnlimitedRs. 13/-UnlimitedTill MidNight*522#
zong internet packagesZong Shandar Daily PackageRs. 14/-Unlimited8005001 Day*999#


Zong Weekly Call Packages

Now that Zong is coming to Zong’s weekly chat package, Zong introduces changes to his weekly schedule. If you want to get a package with phone calls and also like SMS and internet, then Zong is the best week for you! With this offer you can make many calls on Zong network. It provides you 500 Zong to Zong minutes, 500 MBs of Lighting-fast speed 4G internet, 500 SMS, and 40 other local networks minutes. The bundle can be activated by dial code *7#.

NetworkPackagePrice (Inc. Tax)MinutesSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Weekly UnlimitedRs. 63+TaxUnlimited
Zong Mins
07 DaysSend “PK7”
to 522
zong internet packagesZong Shandaar Weekly BundleRs. 120/-500 On-Net
40 Other
50050007 Days*7#
zong internet packagesZong All in 1-BundleRs. 200/-1000 On-Net
40 Other
1000100007 Days*6464*4*1#
zong internet packagesZong Punjab OfferRs. 230/-150600007 Days*2222#
zong internet packagesZong Karachi OfferRs. 250/-5000 On-Net
75 Other
5000500001 Days*54#
zong internet packagesZong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 250/-2500 On-Net
80 Other
2500250001 Days*70#
zong internet packagesZong Super Weekly PremiumRs. 330/-10030,000 (30 GB)07 Days*225#

Zong Monthly Call Packages

If you are looking for a package that can solve your monthly problem, Zong has also come up with a monthly call bundle. Consequently, Zong Supreme Bundles offers its customers 5000 Zong minutes, 5GB fast 4G internet, 5000 SMS, and 300 other network minutes. You can subscribe to this bundle at any time. To activate this bundle dial *1500# and subscribe to one month subscription.

NetworkPackagePrice (Inc. Tax)MinutesSMSMBsDurationActivation Code
zong internet packagesZong Monthly Unlimited BundleRs. 255 + TaxUnlimited
Zong Mins
30 DaysSend “PK30”
to 522
zong internet packagesZong Shandar Monthly BundleRs. 300/-1000 On-Net
100 Other
1000100030 Days*1000#
zong internet packagesZong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs. 500/-1000 On-Net
50 Other
1000250030 Days*1313#
zong internet packagesZong Super CardRs. 650/-2500 On-Net
150 Other
2500250030 Days*6464*4*3*2#
zong internet packagesZong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs. 1000/-2000 On-Net
150 Other
1500500030 Days*1313*1*2#
zong internet packagesZong Supreme OfferRs. 1000/-5000 On-Net
300 Other
5000500030 Days*6464*4#
Then Press 3
zong internet packagesZong Supreme PlusRs. 1732/-10000 On-Net
600 Other
10,00010,000 (10 GB)30 Days*1500#