Freezer se Baraf Saaf Karnay ka Tarika

Freezer se Baraf Saaf Karnay ka Tarika

A great way to melt frozen ice in the fridge

One of the things that women are most worried about in the summer season is freezing of ice in the refrigerator. Due to the large amount of frozen ice in the refrigerator, it is difficult to keep other items. However, today we will tell you about this ice. The savior will tell you the easiest way to get it.
For this, first close your refrigerator, and take all the items out of the refrigerator, if there is ice cream or frozen food in the phaser, you can store it in an ice box or cooler so that your items do not spoil.
Now take out all the shells in the fridge and wash them well.

Now start the real work i.e. take your hair dryer and apply heat on the frozen ice, this will immediately start melting the frozen ice from your freezer and your fridge will be clean within minutes.
It may happen that some parts are hard due to heavy snow accumulation but no need to panic you can remove it with the help of a plastic spoon. But avoid using force and use a plastic spoon.
When the snow melts completely, wipe it with a clean cloth.


Before using the hair dryer, check the cord to make sure it is not frayed.
Protect the cord from submersion in water and keep the accompanying hair dryer away from water.
Do not use any tools to scrape or remove ice, such as a fork or knife

If ice freezes in the fridge or freezer, spread a little salt instead of using a fork. The snow will melt very soon.