MBBS Latest Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges 2022 Eligibility Criteria and Procedure

MBBS Latest Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges 2022 Eligibility Criteria and Procedure

MBBS Latest Admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges 2022 Eligibility Criteria and Procedure

For many medical students, MBBS admission in Pakistan Medical Colleges can be a novel and thrilling experience. At the same time, it is something that most people are unaware of. This section provides the eligibility requirements, the procedure, and some FAQs. But don’t worry, since we’re writing this blog specifically for you. We hope you found all of the answers to your queries in this post.

We shall attempt to cover admission to both private and public sector medical colleges in Pakistan in this blog. So it makes no difference if you’re looking for information on either of them. This site will provide you with everything you need.

MBBS is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is, as the name suggests, a bachelor’s degree. You must complete 5 years of study and training in a variety of relevant topics.

Some private sector universities may use a semester system, although the majority of government or public sector universities use an annual system. The module system is used by universities such as Rawalpindi Medical University. Young doctors must complete a year of housework after completing 5 years of study.

Admission to Pakistan Medical College for MBBS

This is the time of year when medical schools accept applications. As medical students, new students will begin their professions. You are also contemplating a variety of possibilities. Each medical school that you are contemplating has different standards based on several conditions. However, several aspects are consistent across all medical schools and universities in Pakistan.

Dates are among those things. You must remember the essential deadlines. If you are even a minute late, your application will be denied and your place will be given to someone else on the waiting list. So, if you want to prevent this circumstance, you must grasp the importance of being on time.

You must also carefully prepare the papers while keeping the eligibility conditions in mind. This will be covered in this blog. The following sections of this blog will go over the eligibility criteria and the required documents.

What are the admission requirements for MBBS?

The eligibility standards vary depending on the seat for which you are applying. If you are asking for a quota seat, you must meet all of the requirements for that quota. For example, if you want to apply for a reserved seat in a city like D.G. Khan, you must be a local. Alternatively, if you are requesting for a reserved seat for a disabled person, you must meet strict standards.

However, these are some of the exceptions. If you’d like us to go over these issues in further depth, please let us know in the comments area. The following are the eligibility requirements for native students. We define native students as those who live in the country.

  • 12 years of HSSC in a premedical group
  • The student must have a 60% or more than 60% score in the Intermediate Pre-medical group
  • A level students must have at least 60% grades in their relevant program
  • The A-level students must have taken courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.
  • The students must have an IBCC certificate if they have done A levels. This is to get equivalency to Fsc.
  • Students must be 17 to 25 years old.

Are the eligibility requirements for international students different?

Surprisingly, there are a large number of foreign students seeking quality medical education in Pakistan. If you are an international student, your eligibility requirements will be different. If you want to study medicine at a public university in Pakistan, you must meet this requirement. The eligibility criteria for international students are listed below.

  1. Students must have completed their formal education outside Pakistan.
  2. They must apply through overseas quota seats in the medical college. Only some colleges allow overseas students through this method
  3. Students must have cleared the admission test with a 70% score or more
  4. The admission test must include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (SAT has these subjects)
  5. Student A levels must be certified by IBCC for equivalency to Fsc.

What Documents Are Required for MBBS Admission?


It is crucial to note that several of these documents are required. It means that you cannot afford to overlook any one of these documents. If you do not supply even one of these documents, authorities will not evaluate your admission application. The following documents are required regardless of the category you are applying for.

  1. Matric certificate or result card. Or in the case of O levels, an equivalent certificate issued by IBCC
  2. Fsc certificate or result card, or in case of A levels, an equivalent certificate issued by IBCC
  3. For foreign students: Foreign qualification that is equivalent to Fsc, Letter of equivalence of grades
  4. Your MDCAT result card
  5. Domicile
  6. CNIC of father
  7. CNIC of candidate
  8. Passport size photo which was taken in sky blue background or white background. The photo has to be recent.
  9. Sign of candidate and thumbprint of the left hand. The impression should be on a white paper with blue or black ink
  10. In case you are a Hafiz-e-Quran, you will need to submit a certificate from Wafaq ul Madaris

Document for Disabled student: Disability certificate by a specialist working in a Government Hospital

Documents for Underdeveloped Quota: Provisional certificate issued by the head of school you studied from class one to twelve. That school should be located in an underdeveloped district. It should be verified by EDO and DEO. It should also be verified by the DC office.

Document for Dual Nationality holders or overseas students:

  • Resident card of a foreign country with validity not less than 6 months at the time of submitting the document
  • Valid Pakistan passport
  • Valid NICOP issued by NADRA

Important instructions

  1. Any document stating that a mandatory document is under preparation shall not be accepted
  2. Information on the document shall be legible.
  3. Do not share your digital data with strangers
  4. If you forged any document, you shall be banned from any further admission process for 7 years

What is the online application process for MBBS admission in Pakistan?

Because of the recent pandemic, the admissions process had to be moved online. However, it was a blessing in disguise because it digitalized the procedure. This will allow the authorities to operate more easily and efficiently. As a result, all processes will now take less time.

The applicant must first register on the web portal. You will be given a pin code as a result of this. This pin code is also known as your identification number. Following that, the pupils must enter their credentials and visit the nearest bank for biometric authentication.

  1. The document should be scanned in black and white with 300 DPI
  2. File size should not go beyond 2MB
  3. Any picture or signature should be uploaded in JPEG, JPG, PNG
  4. Other files should be in PDF format
  5. File orientation should match the original
  6. Upload each file with a different label. Do not create a single PDF and upload it
  7. Upload a single PDF file of a multi-page document
  8. Label all the documents
  9. Do not deform the length or width of the document or picture


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