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As more exams and assessments are being conducted online, there’s a growing need for secure and safe exam-taking platforms. One such platform that’s been gaining popularity is Safe Exam Browser (SEB). This article will explore what SEB is, how it works, and its importance in online exam-taking.

What is Safe Exam Browser?

Safe Exam Browser is a great way to take exams. It’s a web browser that helps keep you safe from other websites and applications while you’re taking a test. It’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, so you can use it on whatever computer you’re using.


How does the Safe Exam Browser work?

It provides a secure environment for exam-taking by disabling access to other applications and websites while allowing access to the exam website only. Students cannot open any other applications or websites until the exam is completed or exited.

Safe Exam Browser also disables access to keyboard shortcuts and function keys that could be used to access other applications.

Login and Environment

  1. The required version of Safe Browser (2.4.1) must be installed on the Laptop. If any other version of Safe Exam Browser is installed, please uninstall it and download, install version 2.4.1
    Safe Exam Browser 2.4.1 for Windows Alternate Link – Safe Exam Browser 2.4.1 for Windows
  2. After Installing the Safe Exam Browser, Download the File and Double Click to Start the Exam
    Download Exam File (For Students of Affiliated Colleges)   Updated 28-06-2021 Latest File
  3. Students must have a stable internet connection preferably with a UPS backup
  4. Webcam is mandatory. Without a camera, the examination will not start.
  5. Students must have a peaceful environment and No one should be around the students at the time of Examinations. If anyone else is found around the student, the examination of the student will not be considered valid and stand canceled.
  6. Students are required to Login at least 15 minutes before the start of Examinations.

Benefits of Safe Exam Browser

The use of Safe Exam Browser has several benefits for both exam administrators and students. Some of these benefits include:

Secure Exam-Taking Environment

SEB provides a secure exam-taking environment that prevents students from accessing unauthorized resources during an exam. This ensures that the exam results are fair and accurate.

How to Attempt MCQs:

  1. Each Paper / Exam is 60 minutes in duration having 50 MCQs. Students are required to attempt ‘50’ MCQs in 60 minutes.

Prevents Cheating

SEB’s lockdown features prevent students from accessing unauthorized applications or websites during an exam. This helps to prevent cheating and ensures that students are evaluated based on their knowledge and skills.

What if the Paper / Exam Remains Incomplete due to any technical reason:

  1. If any student gets stuck due to electricity and could not log in at the time of examinations, he will be required to email immediately to the Head of Department and Controller of Examinations mentioning his inability/hardship. His/her online examination will be rescheduled at the end of examinations in the second phase.
  2. If a student’s session/examination terminates due to any technical reason, he will be allowed to log in again on resumption of his internet/electricity only if it happens within the examination’s allotted time and his examination will resume from where it was terminated.
  3. Otherwise, he will be required to email immediately to the Head of Department and Controller of Examinations mentioning his inability/hardship and his online examination will be rescheduled at the end of examinations in the second phase.


1. Is Safe Exam Browser free?

Yes, Safe Exam Browser is free to download and use.

2. Can SEB be used for any type of exam?

SEB can be used for any type of exam that requires a secure exam-taking environment.

3. Does SEB work on all operating systems?

SEB is available for multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

4. Can SEB be customized based on exam requirements?

Yes, SEB can be customized based on exam requirements.

5. Is SEB easy to use?

Yes, SEB is easy to use and can be customized based on the exam requirements.

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