Islamic Quotes are short, powerful sayings that offer wisdom and guidance based on Islamic teachings. These quotes inspire and provide insight into leading a righteous life. They are easy to grasp and bring spiritual motivation , you may read our motivational quotes written in english as well. We have also collected and added best quotes in our collection for you to put daily quote of the day on your wall.

islamic quotes in english

Islamic quotes in English are simple and inspiring sayings from the Islamic faith, translated for easy understanding. They offer wisdom, guidance, and encouragement, providing valuable insights to connect with spirituality and daily life.

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Islamic Quotes about Life

Islamic Quotes about Life offer simple and wise teachings from Islam about living a good life. These quotes share valuable guidance, encouraging kindness, patience, and gratitude, making them easy for everyone to understand and apply in daily life.

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We complain how ALLAH doesn’t grant all of our

Wishes immediately but we fail to thank Him for not punishing us

Immediately for our sins and giving us time to repent.

Islamic Inspirational Quotes

Islamic Inspirational Quotes are uplifting sayings from Islam that motivate and bring positive vibes. These quotes offer guidance, strength, and encouragement, making them a source of inspiration for personal growth and faith.

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Don’t even go near the prohibited & sinful acts,

Because there is a possibility you will slip.

Islamic Motivational Quotes

Islamic Motivational Quotes are uplifting sayings rooted in Islamic teachings, designed to inspire and encourage positive actions. These quotes provide guidance and motivation for individuals seeking inspiration within the framework of Islamic principles.

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It’s a gift to pray Qiyam Al-Layl while most

Are asleep. It shows ALLAH wants to hear

Your Du’as & Your love for Him is deep.

Islamic Wisdom Quotes

Islamic Wisdom Quotes are simple, wise sayings from Islamic teachings. They offer valuable guidance for daily life, promoting kindness, patience, and understanding. These quotes provide practical insights, making them accessible and beneficial for everyone. We have add 30 powerful islamic quotes with images on our blog for you.

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Despite the struggles around you or depression, never stop Praying.

Relief is found in worshiping ALLAH, so keep on serving him.

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Even if you’re tired, sleepy or busy, keep praying the obligatory

Salahs patiently.

To worship ALLAH with sabar is your main duty.

Quran Quotes

Quran Quotes are sayings from the holy book of Islam, the Quran. They offer guidance and wisdom for life. These quotes cover various aspects, providing simple and profound teachings for those seeking inspiration and spiritual guidance.

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“You don’t really know a person until you live with

Him, travel with him or do business with him.”

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ALLAh’S timing is perfect in every matter. We don’t

Always understand the wisdom behind it,

But we have to learn to trust it.

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Strive to improve yourself. And try to be better than what

 You were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Just focus on improving one step at a time.

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So we are done with getting suffocated Now we need to breathe in some

Fresh air but, SubhanALLAH, to breathe that fresh air,

To live the Quran

To fill our hearts with its joy

And when this joy will enter you heart

Trust me


No pain

No duniya

No loss

Will affect you in any major way

The joy is unspeakable

Because it’s even in your heart

No one can attack your heart

It’s Yours

This is your TREASURE that you are carrying with you

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ALLAH’S will is always based upon wisdom.

He is AL-HAKEEM, the All-wise.

He possesses the ability to determine right from wrong and

Is free from error and misunderstanding.

So trust his plans.

Every major incident, good or bad, that happens to you in life,

Has a great wisdom behind it.

So stop worrying a lot change your worries into duas.

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When there is an unexplainable ache in your heart, isn’t it your

Soul crying to go down in sujood?

Vent out to your RABB for only He can mend your broken heart.

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Ultimately, remember it is all about priorities.

All about priorities.

Every choice we make is actually a choice we are

Making that will affect our akhirah.

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The door that didn’t open

For you were

Ordered by ALLAH to

Protect you.

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I spend my says ignoring you, an my nights

Disobeying you.But still, you never forget me;

Not even for a second. Oh

ALLAH, Change me.