Heer Ranjha story in Urdu | Heer Ranjha ki story in Urdu

In this post, we describe the complete story of the heer ranjha according to credible sources and popular poets such as heer waris shah and other urdu poets. Heer ranjha is the most popular romantic story in the history of jhang. We already published a love story in urdu pdf file format on the Jhangtv.com blog by Bilal Zubari Late and other writers. This romantic story of love also falls into motivational stories in our urdu language.

This love story gives the highest motivation to the lovers each other so they would surely love to visit the Sharine of the Heer Ranjha situated in Jhang District.

Heer ranjha story in urdu -Heer Ranjha ki story in Urdu – Heer Ranjha a True Love Story

Heer Ranjha Story in Urdu :

Below is the first page of the here ranjha story in urdu make sure to read all story in urdu by clicking on the next page. This urdu kahani is also quoted in all the urdu books of love and great trust.

Whenever anyone says the name of our district jhang the love of heer ranjha came into the mind of every visitor.

Heer Ranjha story in Urdu

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Story of Heer Ranjha in Urdu – Heer Ranjha a True Love Story

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